IT Infrastructure


  • Rack Server
  • Tower Server
  • Blade server
  • Converged System
  • Hyperconverged System


  • NAS
  • SAN
  • Unified Storage
  • ALL Flash & Hybrid storage
  • Software define storage
  • Data Protection Storage
  • Converged Storage


  • Switches: Managed and Unmanaged
  • Router
  • Wireless Network


  • Public Cloud – Whole computing infrastructure is located on the premises of a cloud computing company that offers the cloud service.
  • Private Cloud – Hosting your entire computing infrastructure yourself and is not shared. The security and control level is highest while using a private network.
  • Hybrid Cloud – using both private and public clouds, depending on their purpose. You host your most important applications on your own servers to keep them more secure and secondary applications elsewhere.
  • Community Cloud – A community cloud is shared between organizations with a common goal or that fit into a specific community (professional community, geographic community, etc.).
  • Cloud as storage & Backup
  • Cloud as Disaster recovery.


  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Server Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Network Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization

Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Endpoint & Server Backup
  • Cloud Backup
  • Database Backup
  • Disaster Recovery

Laptop & Desktops

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